Japanese Dictionary

This app provides the Hoepli edition of the Japanese-Italian/Italian-Japanese Dictionary from Matilde Mastrangelo, Naoko Ozawa, and Mariko Saito. This dictionary is a great tool for the exchange between Italian and Japanese, when studying one of both languages or consulting for cultural or working purposes. Japanese headwords, expressions, and examples, are shown both with ideogram representation (kanji) and their transliteration into Latin alphabet, and this feature makes the dictionary comprehensible to Italians with oral knowledge only of Japanese; the use of the Latin alphabet as a sorting order in the Japanese-Italian section allow an easier looking-up to Italians that are not yet familiar with Japanese syllabic tables.

Beside the search within the large wordlist, the app allows you to perform full-text searches and provides a very practical “Useful Phrases” section with about 800 models providing a wide collection of everyday expressions, related to common scenarios you may encounter on travel, at the airport or train station, or in circumstances in which you need to interact with specialized terms, such as in an emergency.

Main features
  • Check for updates online and use of the dictionary offline
  • User interface in Italian, English and Japanese
  • Over 35,000 headwords
  • More than 10,000 examples, compound words, idiomatic phrases and locutions
  • Latin transcription of Japanese lemmas and translators
  • Wide repertoire of phraseology and useful phrases
  • Clear graphic presentation and easy consultation
  • Research history
  • Table with abbreviations used in the dictionary
  • Ability to report suggestions, errors, lemmas not found
  • Search the index, by entry and in full text
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