More than any other, publishing is an industry that, despite the radical impact of technology in recent decades, is based on principles and methodologies that have been established over i centuries and are an indispensable baggage for successfully coping with the evolution of the market.


Edigeo has decades of experience in publishing production, a job of creating new products alongside major Italian and international publishers. Our ambition has always been to partner with the publisher and work with them from idea to final product.


Our success is the result of a constant focus on the use of new digital technologies built on a strong “classical” publishing background This approach enabled us to provide the most advanced and efficient responses to the needs of publishers and the need to anticipate the evolution of the market.

A long experience
in publishing production in technological innovation in project management

About us…

Founded in 1983 by a group of people with a long and diverse experience in the industry, Edigeo set itself the goal from the outset to offer a comprehensive approach to publishing realization, which has led it over time to become a service company capable of covering all aspects of production, acting as the glue between authors, editors and suppliers at all stages of the process.

What we do…

Throughout its activity, Edigeo has developed publishing projects in collaboration with all major Italian and international publishers, producing thousands of volumes in every field: from dictionaries to encyclopedias, from technical-scientific manuals to works bundled with periodicals.

Edigeo builds its foundation on the widespread use of digital technologies grafted onto a solid “classical” publishing education because technology is useless without the expertise