Hoepli Catalog

The Hoepli Catalog is a valuable and very useful easy reference tool for all customers and professionals in the scientific publishing industry. Founded in Milan in 1870 by Ulrico Hoepli, the Hoepli publishing house specializes in scientific and technical manuals, school publishing, and dictionaries. Founded as a bookstore, it immediately began to supplement its publishing activities with the publication of numerous manuals, which led within a few years to the creation id a catalog of thousands of titles.

Although the scientific character of the catalog is predominant, there are many topics covered: arts, crafts, technology or even palmistry and parapsychology. Obviously, over the years the publishing house has adapted to the changes in information and technology in society, further developing the field of school books and maintaining the traditional orientation of the catalog towards technical manuals, university manuals, admission tests published in the “Hoepli Test” series, scientific publishing and Hoepli dictionaries.

Main Features
  • Regular and automatic updating of content and ability to use the app offline
  • Clear graphic presentation and easy reference
The app is available on: