English Dictionary Hoepli

English has been the language of universal communication for many decades. More than a billion of non-native speakers is continuously enriching and modifying it. That is why translators, students and businessmen increasingly call for a new dictionary, able to describe a language in continuous evolution, particularly in educational and professional contexts. This dictionary features a great wealth of headwords, resulting from a radically innovative research and design, which joins a modern presentation allowing for quick consultation and an extraordinary richness of information, among which: inflected forms, dependent prepositions following nouns and adjectives, indication of the constructions of all English and Italian verbs and of countable or uncountable nouns.

With more than 200,000 entries and more than 500,000 examples, phrases and meanings, this app stands out for the update (content updated December 31th, 2016), quality (coverage of all the language sectors both main and secondary) and quantity of content. All these aspects make it by far the best and most comprehensive English-Italian/English-English dictionary on the market. This high-end work is mainly targeted at professional users (translators) and advanced students (high school and university), who can appreciate its richness of content, its in-depth analysis of meanings and submeanings and the useful grammatical information it provides.


Main features
  • Check for updates online and use of the dictionary offline
  • User interface in Italian and English
  • 200,000 headwords
  • 600,000 exceptions and phraseological forms
  • 70,000 synonyms and antonyms
  • 161 search categories
  • Systematic information regarding the sectors terms are used in
  • Cross-references are highlighted and selectable within the definitions
  • Clear graphic presentation and easy consultation
  • Research history
  • Table with abbreviations used in the dictionary
  • Ability to report suggestions, errors, lemmas not found
  • Search the index, by entry and in full text
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