il Sansoni Francese

This new mobile edition combines Sansoni’s prestigious lexicographical tradition with the quintessence of contemporary lexicography. As well as the habitual focus on the historical heritage of the two languages, a vast quantity of neologisms and idiomatic expressions has been added.

The laburs of Edigeo’s compilers, along with experts from Italy, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada, have made this project the first global and most up-to-date, comprehensive Italian-French dictionary on the market. Thanks to the many literary meanings recorded, which also facilitate the reading and full understanding of the literature of the past, and the vast quantity of neologisms and idiomatic expressions, it is a precious resource for both students and translators.

Main features
  • Check for updates online and use of the dictionary offline
  • User interface in Italian, French, and English
  • 123,000 headwords
  • 364,200 definitions
  • 75,600 phrases
  • 180 search categories
  • Systematic information on prepositions used with verbs
  • Clear graphic presentation and easy consultation
  • Research history
  • Table with abbreviations used in the dictionary
  • Ability to report suggestions, errors, lemmas not found
  • Search the index, by entry and in full text
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