Dictionary of Idioms

Like all living languages, Italian incorporates constantly new idioms; some will be adopted, others remain confined to specific sectors or areas, others quickly disappear. All, however, constitute a true mirror of the times. In addition to the more traditional and ancient expressions, the dictionary includes the more recent idioms of typical journalistic language, related to politics, justice or to the world of cinema and television.

Useful reference tool, this app is also an interesting and enjoyable work that enables the discovery, sometimes unpredictable, of the close relationship between the spoken language and the history, culture and lifestyle of our society.

Main features
  • Check for updates online and use of the dictionary offline
  • User interface in Italian and English
  • More than 8.000 idioms
  • More than 1.500 search subjects
  • Clear graphic presentation and easy consultation
  • Research history
  • Table with abbreviations used in the dictionary
  • Ability to report suggestions, errors, lemmas not found
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