Hoepli Test Bocconi

The app allows you to simulate the Bocconi test preparation for admission to courses in management, economics and finance, and law: business administration and management – economics and finance – economics and social sciences – economics and management for art, culture and communication.

A database of around 1,000 questions with explanations makes it possible to generate a virtually unlimited number of tests, each one different from the previous one, to optimally support your preparation. After downloading and launching the app, you can simulate a full 70-question test, similar to the one you will face in reality, or choose to quickly check your preparation by completing short 20-question tests, an ideal solution for optimising your downtime. In either case, you always have the option of suspending the test and resuming it later, handing it in and checking the solutions or abandoning it to start a new one.

Main features
  • Database with 1000 questions with annotated answers
  • Short test simulation with 20 questions to be completed in 30-minutes time
  • Paper test simulation with 70 questions to be completed in 90-minutes time
  • Random generation of the tests with the breakdown of subjects based on the latest ministerial guidelines
  • Statistics of the completed tests with scores and percentages for each subject
  • Graphical trend of your progress for each subject or global
  • Sharing results via social apps available on devices
  • Feedback feature to report suggestions, errors or other comments
  • Offline use
The app is available on: