Test 118

The Test 118 app allows you to practise for the theoretical test for certification as a rescuer executor of AREU Lombardy.

The app was developed in collaboration with Croce Viola Milano and is extremely easy and intuitive to use.

You can simulate complete 50-question tests, similar to the certification test, or choose to quickly check your preparation with short 20-question tests. In either case, you can suspend the test and retake it later, hand it in and check the solutions, or abandon it to start a new one.

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Legal Lexicon in 3 languages

The app Legal Lexicon in 3 languages by Alfredo Snozzi is the first juridical trilingual dictionary (Italian-German-French), with more than 10.000 headwords and expressions taken from the juridical, political, and administrative language. Although pointed on the Italian and Swiss law systems, the data bank is full of links to legislations and juridical terminology of other European countries, mainly France and Germany. Because of its structure and content, it differs from traditional bilingual dictionaries as not only it is trilingual, but it also defines and contextualizes the individual headwords, indicating any different meanings..

The app is a valuable tool targeted not only to legal practitioners (lawyers, judges, officials), but also to linguists, professional translators, and students in law, politics, social sciences, and, in general to those interested in events and institutions of legal and social life. The author Alfredo Snozzi has been chief of the Legislation Service and of the Italian Translation Service at the Federal Swiss Chancellery in Bern, and professor of juridical translation for over 30 years at the University of Geneva.

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American Slang Dictionary

The app American Slang Dictionary by Roberto Cagliero and Chiara Spallino is an excellent reference tool aimed to all those who have the opportunity to linguistic exchanges with the US world. The slang has become an integral part of the US language system and this dictionary provides the most comprehensive and updated reference to quickly meet the consultation needs of translators, cinephiles, advertisers, music enthusiasts, journalists, and anyone facing the everyday life aspects of an language in continuous evolution.

Special attention has been paid to the translations to provide a comprehensive meaning of a lemma, in its nuances and its synonyms. Particular attention has also been paid to the tagging of terms based on their specifications, such as IT, hip-hop and hipster culture, politics, sport, the African-American area, and many more. Also important are linguistic aspects such as acrospeak (the tendency to speak for acronyms and abbreviations, in typical American origin and then swept in Europe), the inversion phenomenon (that is to load a period of an opposite meaning to the original) and the proliferation of new words related to particular moments or historical events.

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Gastronomic Dictionary Hoepli

The app covers the rich terminology related to food and drinks, providing precise translations of the various terms, which in most cases are not found in a standard dictionary. It consists in five languages, namely Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, and is equipped with more than 4000 entries for each language.

This dictionary is intended for hotel and restaurant managers, dining room staff, students of training school for hotel and restaurant service personnel, and for clients of the hotel industry. It is designed as a practical tool for the preparation and understanding of the menu and the conversation at the restaurant.

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Dictionary of Gastronomy

The Food Dictionary–English-Italian/Italian-English is dedicated to gastronomy, catering and in general to the world of the cooking: the ingredients, tools, techniques of preparation, the Italian classic and regional recipes, the most important international specialties. The headwords opens to the terminology relating to the food and to the related disciplines, such as viticulture, oenology, preservation techniques and the science of food preparations. Beside the classic cuisine there are the great international dishes: from sushi to couscous, from chili to tandoori.

This dictionary is intended to an international audience that aims to untangle in the extraordinary complexity of this matter that as few combines a strong local roots to a universal vocation. In addition to the search in the broad wordlist, the app allows you to run full-text searches and provides a useful option to search the phraseology providing for a real context of the spoken language, and making the dictionary a useful tool for quick reference as well as a safe and practical language guide for both idioms.

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Dictionary of Idioms

Like all living languages, Italian incorporates constantly new idioms; some will be adopted, others remain confined to specific sectors or areas, others quickly disappear. All, however, constitute a true mirror of the times. In addition to the more traditional and ancient expressions, the dictionary includes the more recent idioms of typical journalistic language, related to politics, justice or to the world of cinema and television.

Useful reference tool, this app is also an interesting and enjoyable work that enables the discovery, sometimes unpredictable, of the close relationship between the spoken language and the history, culture and lifestyle of our society.

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Phrasal Verbs Dictionary

According to The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, a phrasal verb is a “verbal idiomatic word that consists of a verb and an adverb (for example, break down), or a verb and a preposition (for example, see to)”. Starting from this assumption, we can consider phrasal only the verb which, in conjunction with an adverb or a preposition, changes the basic meaning becoming idiomatic and acquiring a new and different semantic valence.

The app Hoepli Phrasal Verbs Dictionary by Fernando Picchi is a comprehensive guide to using and understanding English phrasal verbs. For each phrasal verb, various Italian translations are provided, which faithfully or extensively reproduce the meaning, further clarified by a wide range of examples, which also illustrate the use. In addition to the index, where it is possible to automatically find the entries matching the characters you type, the app allows you to search for specific phrasal verbs. The Glossary option allows you to search for Italian verbs translated through an English phrasal verb, while the Full Text option allows you to search for Italian and English terms within all dictionary entries. To narrow the search scope, the Categories option lets you select specific categories (for example, anatomy, botany, policy, etc.).

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Hoepli Catalog

The Hoepli Catalog is a valuable and very useful easy reference tool for all customers and professionals in the scientific publishing industry. Founded in Milan in 1870 by Ulrico Hoepli, the Hoepli publishing house specializes in scientific and technical manuals, school publishing, and dictionaries. Founded as a bookstore, it immediately began to supplement its publishing activities with the publication of numerous manuals, which led within a few years to the creation id a catalog of thousands of titles.

Although the scientific character of the catalog is predominant, there are many topics covered: arts, crafts, technology or even palmistry and parapsychology. Obviously, over the years the publishing house has adapted to the changes in information and technology in society, further developing the field of school books and maintaining the traditional orientation of the catalog towards technical manuals, university manuals, admission tests published in the “Hoepli Test” series, scientific publishing and Hoepli dictionaries.

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